Tony and his VanWe travel over fourteen hundred miles each day, and all vechicles are serviced regularly and kept in very good condition. SEW drivers inspect the vans they drive daily and any problems, including heating and air conditioning, are addressed quickly. If a problem cannot be addressed in time for a scheduled run, a back up van is substituted to insure appropriate service.

We take pride in getting the most out of our equipment because we do take such good care. Our Route Fleet, currently at twenty-two vans, has an average age of three and a half years. Our entire fleet of 51 vehicles (routes, IRAs, maintenance,production and spares) averages about four and a half years old.

Southeast Works currently uses thirteen wheelchair vans in its Route Fleet. We have a total of eighteen wheelchair vans, three are at IRAs and two are back up vans. The Southeast transportation is flexible, made to accommodate those who use SEW programs. We will be happy to answer your individual questions regarding your needs.

For more info contact:

Transportation ManagerĀ - Roger Brown
716-683-7100 Ext. 220

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