Day Habilitation Program

 “Day Habilitation services help individuals achieve satisfying and rewarding connections and relationships within their community.”

Our 181 Day Habilitation Program allows our participants to engage in life skills activities such as ADL’s, volunteer opportunities in the community, socialization skills, and recreational type activities while exploring the community.   This program incorporates four modules in addition to our main Day Habilitation program at 181 Lincoln.  A short description of these modules is included below. 

Tech4Life (Computer Lab)

This program allows individuals to either attend for the full day, or half day depending on their busy schedules. Participation in this program allows for the individuals to increase their knowledge and independence in the growing world of technology. This program allows for individuals to focus on skills that are of interest to them, including; data entry, Microsoft office, educational computer games, email, and internet safety.

Senior Program

In the seniors module of Day Hab, participants are able to experience a wide variety of activities, including; arts, crafts, nutrition, personal hygiene, and exercise. These activities are designed in an effort to allow our individuals to increase or maintain their cognitive abilities. Participants are also offered various community events to attend that are typically suitable for our older population including; local farmers markets, various stores in the community, and town parks. 


In the art module of Day Hab, participants are encouraged to express themselves through a variety of colors, art-making techniques, and processes. They learn about different ways of expressing themselves through means other than just verbal communication. Creating art is a relaxing yet rewarding escape from the daily norm. This includes using our environment (inside and outside), things from nature, and recyclables to make “smart art”. Participants experiment with watercolors, acrylic paints, printmaking processes, sculpture, ceramics, mixed-media collage, and much more! They also focus on integrating the art community into the program by touring local studios, meeting artists, visiting museums to broaden our knowledge of art and visual expression.

Performing Arts

In the performing arts module of Day Hab, participants gain knowledge of a variety of performing arts skills and put them to work!  Individuals can take part in different music-making processes, singing in a choir, synchronized dancing, acting, creating their own mini-skits, and learn about creating props and a set design.  We have performed at various community events including local colleges and theatrical groups.

For More Info Contact:

Coordinator of Habilitation Services
Scott Janczak
716-683-7100 ext. 274

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