Connections Day Program

The Connections Day Program, located at 2485 Broadway, offers a blend of Prevocational and Day Habilitation programming.  Specially trained clinical and habilitation staff collaborate on a daily basis to provide person centered programming, including group speech therapy activities. A comprehensive team approach enhances skills and independence, giving each participant the ownership over his or her vocational direction and increasing lifestyle choices. 

The program serves participants based on their individual needs, work habits, productivity, and valued outcomes.  There is a routine daily schedule that is formatted into modules. Most of the participants enrolled require intensive structure and support. The consistency of having the same staff working intensively with participants across the day is particularly critical given their identified needs. Participants engage in life skills activities such as ADL’s, volunteer opportunities in the community, socialization skills, and recreation. There is a strong focus on assisting participants in increasing their work skills, accuracy, and ability to focus, as well as learning more about community resources and integration opportunities. 

For More Info Contact:

Coordinator of Habilitation Services
Derrick Miranda

716-896-4550 ext. 410

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