Community Habilitation

“Community Habilitation provides the opportunity for individuals to become more independent by helping them enhance their daily living skills within their own environment.”     

The Community Habilitation Program provides instruction and supervision to program participants in all aspects of daily living skills. These skills/goals are chosen by the participant and are identified within the program participant’s Community Habilitation Plan. The goals are set to assist the individual to become more independent and thus better prepared to live independently or within a supported lifestyle setting. The Community Habilitation Trainer works one-on-one with the individual to teach the skills and provide assistance and support when addressing the skills in various settings. 

Daily living skills focus upon some of the following topics, e.g. cooking, laundry, housekeeping, personal hygiene, remedial reading or math, and their ability to personally manage the financial aspects of their life. These daily living skills are addressed within the individual’s home and/or within the community.

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